What i did on New Years Eve.

This New Years Eve was one of the best. My mom,dad,brother, and I were in a rocking mood last night. We all dressed up as a rock band and played some music. We had a blast! After a while some friends of ours came out and did some fireworks. They were great! Although this one firework was amazing! Once we lit it up we had to go on the grass because first it started shooting at one of us then headed counter clock wise, It was almost like a bullet except it had more colors to it. That was a great New years eve.



Today I will be telling you details of why I like vampires. First, is because they are just super cool to me. Also because I think they’re vangs are awsome! I mean I would like to be a vampire because they have amazing abilities that I would like to have. The only reason of why I would not like to be a vampire is because they can’t survive in the day. Even though I hate the sun, I would like to go out side in the day.


Hi, I am going to talk about the best guacamole in Austin Texas! First lets start off with Jardin Corona’s Guacamole. It tastes a little bit plain but I still like it! Second, Mesa Rosa’s guacamole. It’s ok but it is just a little bit too creamy. Third, Serrano’s guacamole is the one I like the most because it is not too creamy, it’s not plain it is just right!

My world!

Hi I am Caddy, and this is my blog!

I live in a great house with a wonderful family! I have two cats, one dog, and two hermit crabs. I love to write songs and play on my guitar. I have a dad, mom, and my little brother named Dylan!


Welcome to CaddyThoughts! This is my blog that will let me share my thoughts with you. I will be talking mostly about food and music – two of my favorite things! But I will also write about other things as well. I hope you enjoy!